Sunday, 8 August 2010

Organising my craft space

I'm not a very tidy person. In fact, I'm a very untidy person. I think it all comes from laziness. I do what's easiest and quickest over what will save me time later. Then later when I need to spend time fixing what I did easily and quickly earlier, I tend not to want to, then it all just builds and builds.

Anyway, in an attempt to inspire me into clearing up and creating some semblance of a workspace, I treated myself to a pretty crafty book all about other people's inspiring workspaces.

I love the jars of cotton and the way the rolls of paper are stored in vases here.

It's always in the last one I look in so these parcel tags to label drawers are a great idea.

Love the colours in these buckets.

I love jam jars. They're a great (and free!) way to store bits and bobs, especially for bits like beads and buttons. If you've ever been to Jam Jar Beads, you'll see that I've made great use of this, in fact, that's what the shop was named after.

Off to tidy now. x

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