Monday, 28 June 2010

Heart magnets

Did I ever mention how much I love love love stationery? Well I do, I adore the stuff, and I want to fill my house with cute and totally not practical stationery, not because I need it or want to use it or because it serves a purpose, just because it looks so darn pretty.

So, one step further to my appreciation of the world of stationery, I thought I would actually contribute to it too. So I have introduced a new stationery section to the Paper Halo brand, and to kick things off we have the Hearts magnets:

I really enjoyed making them and have loads of ideas for new designs. Hopefully it's the start of something big, but for now these are available on Etsy, Folksy, Dawanda, Paper Halo and now Coriandr!

Off to weigh out semi-precious gemstone chips now. x

Sunday, 27 June 2010


I'm just in the process of opening (yet another) online shop for Paper Halo. It's on Coriandr, which I first heard about a while ago but never got round to investigating. It's not as big as Folksy but I love the layout and listing process and I figure it's another way to get my things out there and seen (and hopefully bought) so why not. Plus they have a little brown bunny as their logo/mascot so how could I resist?! Or at least that's what I think it is...

Anyway, go check it out sometime:

Off to list some items now. x

Monday, 21 June 2010

Strawberry love

Now that Wimbledon has officially kicked off and the weather is finally starting to warm, my mind starts drifting to strawberries. I'm a lover of all things strawberry: picking, jam, eton mess, shortcake. It always conjures images of sunny days spent lounging around in the sun in the park. Or sneakily eating a punnet (or two) of strawberries at the field before going to pay for them... naughty naughty!

Anyway, take a look at these yummy strawberry edibles I found on Etsy:

This beauty is from The Tiny Kitchen

These strawberry cupcakes are from The Groovy Baker

Butterball cookies by Zugarhaus

Unfortunately, all these sellers are across the pond and won't deliver to us here in the UK :_(

But fret not! My dear friend Lucy has opened her very own bakery, Apple Tree Bakery, and she makes the yummiest things. She doesn't live in Sheffield any more now but when she did she used to come in all the time and bring in lots of home baked goodies for me. Probably best she moved away....

Please go and have a look at her website or become a fan (or like or whatever it is these days) her facebook page.

Off to cut up felt now. x

Sunday, 20 June 2010


These are soooo cute! Tiny silver plated nests with three freshwater pearl "eggs". Finished with sterling silver earring hooks. I really enjoyed making them and will hopefully be playing around with some more different coloured eggs in the future so keep checking the shops, or just get in touch if you want to request a particular colour!

Off to feed Chowder her din dins now. x

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Eden, Brooke and Bonnie

A few newbies to introduce you to.

Eden - raw brass leaf connector charm with cracked glass beads, Swarovski crystal and gold plated filigree all wrapped in gold filled wire:

Brooke - aqua quartz faceted briolette and chips with sterling silver chain and white gold plated textured leaf charms:

Bonnie - amazonite chips wire wrapped on fine silver pins with a pretty white gold plated swirly charm connector. Finished with fine silver hooks:

Last week I forgot to take the laptop charger with me to the shop and after the battery ran out I wasn't able to do the usual surfing for inspiration and ideas and getting all depressed about how everyone else is so productive and talented and the lovely houses on sale that I will never ever buy. I had nothing to do but to do stuff that I'd been putting off. So I tidied up and knocked out about 4 pieces of jewellery in an afternoon.

Since then I've been charging up the laptop the night before and not bringing in the charger so it stops me from procrastinating so much and actually getting stuff done.

Anyway, these are on the usual online shops: Etsy, Dawanda and Folksy, and now on Paper Halo's very own website too!

Off to get on with some surfing before the 67% of battery left runs out. x

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Whoop - off the mark!

Yesterday I got my first three hearts on Etsy, which I know isn't much at all because there are people with thousands and thousands, but it is me now off the mark so hopefully it will continue to grow.

Off to package up earring hooks now. x

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Warm fuzzy photography

I'm on the hunt for some pretty photos to decorate the walls at Jam Jar Beads and wanted some nice romantic images with warm fuzzy edges (if you get what I mean). I've been following a few photographers on Etsy who I feel get the warm fuzziness just right.

Alicia Bock:

"Swimming at the grand"


"Rainbow swings"


Irene Suchocki:

"Looking for love"

"1000 lanterns"

Yvette Inufio:

"Able to love"

Just beautiful. See what I mean by the warm and fuzzy thing yet?

Off to hunt eBay for some cheap frames now. x

Sunday, 13 June 2010


These pretty brass feather charms were part of a recent online shopping spree and they were so pretty I had to use them up straightaway. So here they are with a deep purple Swarovski crystal, ivory freshwater pearl and a silver foil lined teal glass bead:

But I wondered whether maybe these rich colours were a bit more autumnal (I like that word) or wintery so I decided to make another pair in a fruity pink Swarovski crystal, salmon coloured freshwater pearl and a silver foil lined glass bead in sugary lilac:

For now I'll only be making 2 pairs of each of these. May make more later but I don't have any more charms at the mo.

As usual, they will be available on Etsy, Folksy and Dawanda. And now also available at Paper Halo Designs online!

Off to unload the dishwasher now. x

Friday, 11 June 2010

Brand spanking new website!

Yay! The lovely and talented Pan of Applebox Designs has been working hard on my new website and we have finally set it live today! There's not a whole lot of stuff in the shop at the moment, but hopefully it will continue to grow so please check back often.

I love what she's done with it and I feel bad that I'm not able to put more stuff on there just so there's more to it, but one day at a time. Anyway, please go and have a nosey around and let me know what you think:

No pics in this post so here is a pic of a yummy cupcake from my friend Lucy's bakery, Appletree Bakery:

Off to make some stock for the website now. x

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Another excuse for me to use of one of my favouritest things in the world: seaglass. Keeping with the nautical theme the necklace has a ships wheel and anchor charm and small ivory freshwater pearls wrapped in sterling silver wire.

I hope you like. Available in £ounds, US dollar$ or €uro!

Off to eat my sammich now. x

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Sorry, another quiet week. This time because I lost the cable that connects my camera and my laptop so my photos were destined to be imprisoned in my camera forever and ever and ever. And then I lifted up a pile of magazines and there was the cable! So we're back on track apart from some catching up to do.

So first we have a pretty pretty bracelet in pretty pretty colours, all happened serendipitously really when I had lots of beads to put away in the shop and these were the last lot of beads at the bottom of the bowl. I thought the colours were so lovely together so I kept them to one side until inspiration hit. And the Juliette is what happened when it did.

It's made up of lots of different materials - freshwater pearl, Swarovski crystal, silver plated filigree, wood, rose quartz and Czech fire polished glass - all twisted together. Lovely soft colours offset by the darker wooden beads. Finished with simple sterling silver toggle clasp.

I'll be putting it on the online shops: Etsy, Folksy, Dawanda. I hope you like.

Off to have some lunch now. x