Sunday, 17 October 2010

Cath Kidston

As it was a rare dry and bright Sunday today, me and Nick went for a mooch around Leeds. We both studied there and lived for for a few years after graduating before coming back to Sheffield so we like to go back from time to time and see how things have changed.

Well, one new addition to the city centre which pleased me greatly was the new Cath Kidston shop! I have very split feelings towards Cath Kidston. On the one hand I love everything about it - the patterns, the products, the vintage-ness, but on the other, I kind of think of her as the huge international brand that has taken the credit (and success) for the chintzy handmade movement and the many talented crafters out there who also design their own patterns and make equally, if not more, beautiful products. Hmm, maybe it's just sour grapes though.

I can't be that bitter though because I did end up putting quite a bit of cash into dear Ms Kidston's pockets with the purchase of some pretty fabric and paper.

I also managed to get a few snaps before one of the shop assistants came and told me off, so feast your eyes on this my loves:

Love these crates in their pretty coloured cubbyholes.

Lovely teacups.

Lots of gorgeous vintage furniture.

Yummy fabrics.

Loving this vintage frame wall.

Off to go play with the new fabric now. x

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