Sunday, 13 June 2010


These pretty brass feather charms were part of a recent online shopping spree and they were so pretty I had to use them up straightaway. So here they are with a deep purple Swarovski crystal, ivory freshwater pearl and a silver foil lined teal glass bead:

But I wondered whether maybe these rich colours were a bit more autumnal (I like that word) or wintery so I decided to make another pair in a fruity pink Swarovski crystal, salmon coloured freshwater pearl and a silver foil lined glass bead in sugary lilac:

For now I'll only be making 2 pairs of each of these. May make more later but I don't have any more charms at the mo.

As usual, they will be available on Etsy, Folksy and Dawanda. And now also available at Paper Halo Designs online!

Off to unload the dishwasher now. x

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