Sunday, 23 May 2010


Today was a gorgeous day, so if I had to pick a day to go watch Nick drive around a racetrack in an F1 car (are they still called cars?), today would be a good one. It's been a beautiful week, weather wise, and I thought that sod's law would mean that today, on my one day off of the week, it would have to be raining but yay, it held off and is apparently due later this week.

So, like I said, Nick got an F1 driving experience for Christmas so we headed down to Silverstone today. As someone who is not remotely interested in cars or racing or any of that kind of thing, it was a bit boring to me, but I still really enjoyed the glorious sunshine and conveniently located ice cream van.

As it turns out, Silverstone Village is a beautiful little place full of old stone cottages and then quite a few newer buildings made to look like old stone cottages. But it all looked lovely.

And there was not a cloud in sight, apart from this one:

And some pictures of the cars:

and Nick in one of them:

He had a great time driving round and round at high speed and I had a lovely time sitting around in the sun.

Off to beddy byes now. x

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