Wednesday, 19 May 2010


I must admit it's lovely to be making things again after a 6 month or longer break. It's nice to be blogging about things that I do now instead of constantly working on things for the shop and not really feeling like I'm getting anywhere. Maybe the blog has made my daily productivity, although small, feel more tangible. Even since the re-making started about a week or so again I've been feeling generally more positive and optimistic about things, and I really need that because a lot of the time I just feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

So, the next step now that I'm making again is to create a inspiration space in which to make. At the shop I'm lucky enough to have an area for an office and a separate area for a studio/workspace. Nick wants to make the studio into his games room...maybe I'll give him a games corner. But I think, given my track record, it would be a good idea for me to have a place where I did paperwork and "official business" and another place where I could bead and cut and sew and not have to tidy up afterwards or have to balance the laptop on top of bags of beads and pliers. So I'm going to go ahead and keep the two things separate.

Anyway, enough words. I've been looking for some ideas and inspiration and have found these beauties:

Tamar of Nest Decorating's corner workspace.
Tamar has a beautiful home in the Vermont countryside. One of those blogs that makes you sigh and say "wouldn't it be nice?"

These are from Yvestown's beautiful blog.
She also has a stunning home. I'd love if my shelves and/or desk would look anything like this. I might have to post a pic of what kind of conditions I usually work in.

I found this wall hanging boot rack on NotontheHighStreet.
Except I'd probably use them to hang chains and wires rather than wellies.

These are from the dotcomgiftshop.
I feel that they're a must have to help me stay vaguely organised and tidy.

Off to smash the piggy bank now. x

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